Acceptance of Cash Payments

Scrutiny review - Economic and International Affairs Panel

Launch date: 05/06/2024

Review status: Call for evidence

What is the review about?

The Economic and International Affairs Scrutiny Panel (the Panel) has launched a review of acceptance of cash payments in Jersey, seeking to understand perceptions of cash payments and establish if further consideration is needed to whether the Government should have any role in the safeguarding use of cash, with a particular focus on:

  • Explore acceptance of cash payments by businesses in Jersey;
  • Investigate views on the use and acceptance of cash in Jersey;
  • Ascertain impact of ability to access cash; and
  • Identify if there is a need for consideration of Government intervention to require acceptance of cash payments.

Review progress

​The Panel has launched its review and will be inviting submissions from targeted stakeholders, as well as any businesses or members of the public who have relevant experiences or views they wish to share.

Terms of reference

  1. ​To investigate the use of cash and the acceptance of cash payments for products and services in Jersey;
  2. To engage with the Government of Jersey, Businesses and the Jersey Public to ascertain their views on the benefits and challenges of various payment methods;
  3.  Establish if there is a case for Government intervention regrading the use of cash in the island; and,
  4.  Any additional areas that the Panel deem to be relevant to the Review.

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