Airport and Harbours Review

Scrutiny review - Economic and International Affairs Panel

Launch date: 10/05/2011

Review status: Discontinued

What is the review about?

The review was originally intended to look at the ministerial oversight over the airport and harbours. The Review was placed on hold in March 2011 pending the resolution of matters relating to a perceived conflict of interest on the part of the Chairman, Deputy M.R. Higgins. The Chairman resigned from all of his Scrutiny positions and a decision on the future of this review was not taken.

Terms of reference

The Sub-Panel will examine:

  1. Governance of Jersey Airport, and in particular the existing Ministerial Oversight and the proposed Shadow Airport and Harbours Board;
  2. The organisational structure of Jersey Airport, with particular regard to States human resources policies;
  3. Operational aspects of Jersey Airport, including the safety management system;
  4. Airspace coordination and developments;
  5. The relationship between the Jersey, Guernsey, United Kingdom and French Aviation and Air Traffic Authorities;
  6. International and UK national safety standards and their application to Jersey;
  7. The commercial viability and value for money of Jersey airport;
  8. The role of Jersey Airport, in particular its importance to Jersey and its relationships with all its stakeholders;
  9. Any other matter that arises from the Sub-Panel's examination of Jersey Airport.


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