Jersey's Goods and Services Tax Research

Jersey's tax reforms and the EU Code of Conduct on Business Taxation - Richard Murphy, 15.06.05

Senator Svret's amendment to P.44/2005 re GST exclusions

Goods and Services Tax: Exempt or Zero-rated items (P.86/2006) - amendment lodged by Deputy A. Breckon

GST legislation for Financial Services - minor issues

Consumer survey

P.171 De Minimis waiver

Treasury Review of Charity Taxation Consultation document March 1999

International Philanthropy Conference - VAT for Charities - State of Play and Plans for the Future

F&E Comment on Syvret amendment re GST exclusions

Shadow Scrutiny Panel report on GST SR6/2005

Transport Select Committee - Search and Rescue - recommednations re VAT

Engagement of adviser

Financial Services Industry - proposed GST treatment

VAT - a charity viewpoint - CFE Conference, April 2006

Goods and Services Tax: Exempt or Zero Rated Items (P.86/2006) lodged by Senator S. Syvret

GST Treatment of Charities - Income Tax Dept Information leaflet

Note on the estimation of the effect of excluding certain items from the GST base - Crown Agents

Value Added Tax - Experiences and Issues - International Tax Dialogue Conference

General Guide to GST - Frequently asked questions - Crown Agents

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