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History and information about the States Assembly


Visitors are welcome in the public gallery of the States Chamber to observe States meetings. Find out what to expect during States proceedings on the 'Visiting the States Chamber' page.

History of the States Assembly

A brief history of the States Assembly, beginning with our Norman roots and how we began to self-govern

The Royal Mace

Learn about Jersey's Royal Mace and the part it plays in the States Assembly

The Bailiff of Jersey

Find out about the role of the Bailiff of Jersey and details of the current Bailiff

What is the States Assembly?

Find out what the States Assembly in Jersey is and what it does

History of the States Chamber

Learn about the history of the States Chamber, including the layout and the Banner of Arms

Official 2018 Election results and what happens next

Find out the official result of the 2018 Jersey Election and what will happen over the coming weeks.

Visiting the States Chamber

Details about how and when the public can visit the States Chamber, and rules that need to be observed while there