Jersey Youth Parliament 2022

Jersey Youth Parliament is an island wide forum for young people to discuss, research and connect current issues to the States Assembly.

The project supports young people in Jersey to lead and engage in discussions about issues that affect them. The Jersey Youth Parliament creates space and meaningful opportunities for all voices to be heard, influencing change in island life. 

The first formal meeting of the 2022 Jersey Youth Parliament in the States Chamber took place on 26th September 2022. The meeting was held to allow the young people to present on a variety of issues, from which three topics were chosen to be taken forward during the Parliament's term.

The Hansard (transcript) for the 1st sitting of the 2022 Jersey Youth Parliament is available here:

The second formal sitting of the Youth Parliament took place on 28th November 2022, providing an update on the campaign work and an opportunity for the young people to question Ministers.

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