2024 Priorities for the reconstituted Public Accounts Committee

7th May 2024

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) - which was reconstituted following the change in Government earlier this year - has announced its top priorities for 2024.

 Key areas of focus for the Committee in 2024 are:


1. Electronic Patient Records (R.21/2024): Executive Response

The PAC has reviewed and commented on the Comptroller and Auditor General's (C&AG) Report, 'Electronic Patients Records', presented to the States Assembly on 8 February 2024.

One of the PAC's comments is the perceived lack of the benefit for the intended users of the system, and the Committee question if the end user has been consulted on their requirements during the development of the system.

Read the Comments Paper here.


2. Annual Reports and Accounts 2023

The PAC is due to launch a review into the Annual Reports and Accounts 2023, which is a key document that outlines how Government departments have performed against their annual targets, as well as presenting the audited accounts of the States of Jersey group including Government, Non-Ministerial Departments and States-owned entities.

The PAC will hold its first public hearing regarding this review on Wednesday 5 June. A link to watch the hearing live will be shared on States Assembly social media channels closer to the time.


3. Government of Jersey Procurement

The PAC will launch a review into the Government of Jersey procurement in June 2024.

The Panel are going to look at the overall procurement process that the Government of Jersey has, and whether this represents value for money for Government and for those who are accessing the services and processes.


4. Handling and Learning from Complaints

The PAC will launch a follow-up review to the 'Handling and Learning from Complaints – Follow Up' review, which was published in October 2023. This review looks at the way the Government of Jersey deal with internal complaints.

Read the 'Handling and Learning from Complaints - Follow Up' Review here.


The reconstituted Committee consists of:

  • Chair: Deputy Inna Gardiner
  • Vice-Chair: Deputy Kristina Moore
  • Committee Member: Deputy Karen Wilson
  • Committee Member: Deputy Raluca Kovacs
  • Committee Member: Deputy David Warr
  • Non-elected Member: Philip Taylor (who was on the previous PAC)
  • Non-elected Member: Graeme Phipps (who was on the previous PAC)
  • Non-elected Member: Vijay Khakhria
  • Non-elected Member: Glen Kehoe


Read Philip Taylor and Graeme Phipps's biographies on page 24 of 20 September 2022 Order Paper.

Read Vijay Khakhria and Glen Kehoe's biographies on page 18 of 16 April 2024 Order Paper.


Deputy Inna Gardiner, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, said: "I am very pleased to have a fully established Public Accounts Committee, and welcome the newly elected States Members and non-elected Members to the Committee. They all come from such a diverse range of professional backgrounds and bring different experiences and expertise to the Committee, which will be invaluable in our work.

The Committee has a '2024 – 2026 Work Programme', which has been agreed on for the next six months and outlines the work we would like to achieve in the rest of the political term. It is a live document, which will continuously be updated as our work progresses and evolves, and it will be published."

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