30mph Island Wide Speed limit being considered by Minister

7th September 2023

​Yesterday, the Environment, Housing & Infrastructure Scrutiny panel questioned the Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Tom Binet, in a Quarterly Public Hearing. The Panel heard:

  • The Minister is considering a 30mph Island wide speed accompanied by 20 and 40 zones as an option to help reduce road traffic incidents, which are currently higher than the UK.

  • A report on the Grand Vaux flooding incident will be published towards the end of September, following input to the draft from stakeholders.

  • £750,000 will be used in 2025 to start the design process for coastal flood defences, with 10 key projects being put forward to the Council of Minister for consideration. The Minister aims to start the first construction project 'towards the end of the decade'.

  • There has been a significant reduction in sea lettuce from the removal of 5000 tonnes last year to 870 tonnes this year, which was suggested may be due to lower temperatures with this year's weather patterns.  

  • The skeleton supporting structure for the roof at Fort Regent, which was described as an 'unpeeled onion' due to internal asbestos, has been deemed to be safe, however the cladding and wind and rain cover is no longer fit for purpose. The Minister is deciding the best way forward for its replacement and a report with costings should be produced by the end of October.

  • The Minister is working directly with industry to see what kind of scheme can be put in place for commercial vehicle testing, which has been put on hold for now. The Panel expressed concern that a lack of conventional vehicle testing would put Jersey at odds with compliance to the United Nations Vienna Convention on Road Traffic.

  • The current hazardous waste site will likely be full in the next 5 years and inert waste sites will reach capacity sooner. The Minister aims to start work on a La Collette master plan to help resolve long term issues with hazardous and inert waste management, which may include exporting inert waste out of the Island.


Deputy Steve Luce, Chair of the Panel, said: 'We thank the Minister and his Officers for their answers to our questions. Although we are encouraged to see that the Minister is putting plans in place to strengthen the Island's flood defences and mitigate against the risks of climate change, we hope that the implementation of these projects does not take a back seat considering the other significant capital projects currently under-way. The Panel will also be monitoring closely the development of both short-term and long-term hazardous and inert waste management plans, to ensure we avoid a compromised position when our current sites reach capacity.'

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