Government People and Culture Follow-up Review launched by Scrutiny

28th July 2023

​Today, the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel (the Panel) launched a follow-up review into people and culture within the Government of Jersey organisation. This follows a 2021 review carried out by the previous Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel, as a result of which the Panel produced a report containing 41 findings and 24 recommendations. The Ministerial Response by the States Employment Board (SEB) was received on 26th October 2021 where 13 recommendations were accepted and 9 were rejected. The follow-up review will aim to re-evaluate and provide commentary on the progress made to date in relation to these recommendations and to identify any gaps or areas where improvement is still required.

The launch of this review comes within the context of restructuring of parts of the Government of Jersey since June 2022, under the direction of the Chief Minister Kristina Moore and her Council of Ministers. Under the Chief Minister's leadership, a Cabinet Office aimed at coordinating the work of Government and strengthening Government decision making was formed. Since the start of the new Assembly term, the Panel has been made aware of concerns over the resignations of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - after one year in the role - and of two senior Health and Community Services managers (the Chief Officer and Chief Nurse) in March of this year. Further concerns have arisen in relation to behaviour and culture within the organisation from Ministers and public sector employees.

Through public hearings with Ministers and key stakeholders, an evaluation of the substantial evidence base documented as a result of the previous Panel's review, and an assessment of the proposals regarding the structuring of the CEO role and its impact thereof, the Panel aims to publish a report which will seek to:

  1. Consider the effectiveness of the States Employment Board in implementing actions to secure improvements for employee wellbeing since the People and Culture Review in 2021.

  2. Consider the culture within the Government of Jersey as a workplace since the commencement of the term of the current Council of Ministers.

  3. Consider the restructure of the Chief Executive Officer role, its impact on the Cabinet Office and workplace culture.

Deputy Sam Mézec, Chair of the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel, said: "The Government of Jersey employs over 7000 individuals, and ensuring a positive and inclusive work environment is crucial for delivering high-quality public services. This review builds upon the previous Panel's work and aims to assess the progress made in addressing raised concerns and recommendations. Given the recent resignations of key officers and allegations of inappropriate behaviour and leadership concerns, this review is particularly important. We look forward to working with Ministers and key stakeholders to ensure we can produce some useful recommendations for the Government."

A link to the review page is available here.

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