Minister responds to Organ Donation Review

10th July 2018

‚ÄčThe Department for Health and Social Services has published a response to a Scrutiny report on organ donation.

The Health and Social Security Panel's report welcomed the proposals to introduce an opt-out organ donation system in Jersey.

The report found that 14,720 people had requested to sign the organ donor register via the Jersey driving licence application process, but that these requests had not been transferred to the NHS register. The fact that the parishes, which have responsibility for this information, have had difficulty in transferring this data means that these requests may not have been recorded by the NHS, which supports the organ donation process in Jersey.

The Minister's response states that the option to register as an organ donor will be removed from the Jersey driving licence application process. Once this has occurred, the parishes will transfer the data via secure data transfer.

Deputy Mary Le Hegarat, Chair of the Panel, said:

Organ donation is important and the proposal to move to an opt-out approach is welcome. This review found that 14,720 people had decided to opt-in to organ donation, via driving licence applications, but that these had not been transferred to the NHS organ donation register. We will work constructively with the parishes' to ensure this data is transferred at the earliest opportunity. 

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