Nomination Statement

29th January 2024

​The Chief Minister designate, in accordance with Standing Order 117(2), has given notice of the following nominations for the 11 ministerial offices that he will make in the order shown: 

Health & Social ServicesDeputy Tom Binet
Justice & Home AffairsDeputy Mary Le Hegarat
Children & EducationConnétable Richard Vibert
Housing & CommunitiesDeputy Sam Mézec
Social SecurityDeputy Lyndsay Feltham
International DevelopmentDeputy Carolyn Labey
InfrastructureConnétable Andy Jehan
EnvironmentDeputy Steve Luce
Sustainable Economic DevelopmentDeputy Kirsten Morel
Treasury & ResourcesDeputy Elaine Millar
External RelationsDeputy Ian Gorst


The Chief Minister designate has, in accordance with Standing Order 117(2B) provided the following explanatory note about his nominations.

Explanatory Note

The Chief Minister designate intends to appoint Deputy Tom Binet as his Deputy Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister designate also proposes to make the following changes to the Ministerial Offices:

1.       The replacement of the existing office of "Minister for Children and Education" with two new dedicated ministries, a "Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning" and a "Minister for Children". Having dedicated Ministers for each of these areas best serves Jersey, supporting a greater focus on each. 

This will require an Order to be drafted under Article 29A of the States of Jersey Law 2005, and this work is commencing immediately.  

In the meantime, Constable Richard Vibert will be nominated to the existing role of Minister for Children and Education, and as soon as the Order is given effect, Deputy Robert Ward will be nominated as Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning.

2.       The transfer of responsibility for Financial Services from the Chief Minister to the Minister for External Relations, bringing together these responsibilities under one Minister. 

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