Public Accounts Committee publishes Performance Management Report

28th March 2024

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has released a report following its review of Performance Management throughout the Government of Jersey, with a particular focus on the processes in place for senior officials and how Government measures and reports on its objectives. This review began with the previous PAC before the change in Government, and while most findings and recommendations remain the same, the current PAC has clarified some points in the report before presenting it.

The key messaging from the report are as follows:

1.    Restructuring

Responsibility for implementing PAC and Auditor General recommendations shifted from Chief of Staff to Head of Office of the Chief Executive after Cabinet Office restructuring. Clarification is needed on new lines of responsibility.

2.    Performance Tracking

Connect Performance introduced across Government, but not all employees have been included. Uptake rates vary among departments, Action plan recommended for improving completion rates in 2024.

3.    Appraisal Process

CEO's appraisal process lacks consistency compared to others in Government of Jersey. States Employment Board urged to establish uniform format before new CEO appointment and maintain changes initiated by former CEO.

4.    Executive Leadership Team Review

Operational changes under Interim-Chief Executive necessitate a review of the team's Terms of Reference. PAC recommends urgent review and update.

Deputy Inna Gardiner, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, said: "I am pleased to introduce this report, representing the culmination of efforts by the former Public Accounts Committee (PAC) prior to the Council of Ministers' change in January 2024. This report delves into the implementation of recommendations, the appraisal and performance management processes within the Government of Jersey, and the monitoring of Ministerial and Departmental delivery plans."

Read the full report here.

Read the digital report here.

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