Report published into Government implementation of Care Inquiry recommendations

8th November 2019

​The Care of Children in Jersey Review Panel, chaired by Deputy Rob Ward, has today published its report into the Government's progress in implementing recommendations five, six, seven and eight from the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry (IJCI).

In the second in a series of reports examining the Government of Jersey's progress in implementing the recommendations of the IJCI, the Review Panel examined issues relating to legislation for children and young people, the role of the States Assembly as Corporate Parent and the actions that have been undertaken so far to address Recommendations Seven (the 'Jersey Way') and Eight (Legacy Issues).

The main issue arising from the Review Panel's work has been the continued concern about the perceived 'Jersey Way', presented to it through private submissions and in meetings with various groups. The Review Panel has found that the negative connotations as set out by the IJCI Panel are still apparent to many. Whilst there has been progress in some areas and not every aspect is within the Government's gift to address, there is concern that there is little tangible progress to show at this stage. The Review Panel has therefore agreed that it intends to scope a review into this matter over the coming months.

The Review Panel also found that there is a pressing need to develop legislation defining the role of the 'Corporate Parent' in Jersey; to progress plans for a public memorial for survivors of abuse and address the additional concerns raised by the IJCI Panel within its own two-year review that was presented in September 2019. It has made several recommendations to help assist in bringing forward these changes.

The review concluded that while there has been significant progress in some areas, specifically addressing legislation protection and supporting children and the future of the Youth Justice System, there is still much to be done to address some of the wider societal and structural issues.

Deputy Rob Ward commented:

''This review has once again highlighted that progress is being made addressing the issues set out by the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.  However, we are concerned that there is much more to do in order to address some of the bigger societal issues raised. The Review Panel itself is part of an ongoing process of much needed change and we will continue to report back on the Government's progress, ensuring that the Care Inquiry recommendations are implemented correctly."

You can read the Review Panel's final report here.

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