States Members celebrate International Women’s Day

6th March 2024

​This Friday, March 8, marks International Women's Day (IWD). The 2024 theme is #InspireInclusion, and it is an occasion dedicated to honouring women's achievements, addressing discrimination, and advocating for gender equality. States Members are actively participating in events on the day, and all Islanders are encouraged to get involved.

Pop up stand at Charing Cross, Friday 8 March, 12-3pm

Deputies Raluca Kovacs, Inna Gardiner and Louise Doublet will be hosting a pop-up stand at Grand Marché St Helier (previously Charing Cross), where they invite members of the public to participate in conversations about their personal experiences with gender and offer suggestions on the initiatives the States Assembly should pursue to help address equality. All are welcome to attend. A suggestions box will be provided for anyone who wishes to share their thoughts in writing, instead of an in-person discussion.

Breakfast with FREEDA (Free from Domestic Abuse) at The Royal Yacht, Friday 8 March, 8-10am

Chief Minister, Deputy Lyndon Farnham, will be a guest on the Panel of this sold-out event, alongside Rachel Williams, survivor, and founder of the first ever survivor-led domestic abuse conference: Stand Up to Domestic Abuse (SUTDA) and Kate Wright, Chair of the 2023 Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Government taskforce.

The panel will discuss the current situation of VAWG in Jersey after the Taskforce's Report and Recommendations in November 2023.

Online webinar with JCG students, Friday 8 March

Deputy Raluca Kovacs is attending an online webinar on the theme “Resilient Women: Moulding Girls into Strong Women”, with JCG students, as representative of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians – British Islands and Mediterranean (BIM) Region. Deputy Le Hegarat, also member of the CWP committee, is attending in person. The objective of the webinar is to bring together young women from across the BIM region to discuss the challenges faced by women today, and opinions on what can be done to better support them. Their responses will be collected and reported on, helping to create an outline of key issues and areas of focus.

Deputy Raluca Kovacs said, "International Women's Day is not just a date on the calendar, it's a reminder to us all to champion women's achievements, confront discrimination, and advocate for gender equality every single day.

"As a States Member, I think it is crucial that we are actively engaging in these discussions and representing the diverse voices of our community, as we are responsible for ensuring our policies and actions align with Islander's needs. I encourage everyone, men and women, to visit us at the Charing Cross stand to share their thoughts and insights, as every perspective is valued and welcomed."

While March 8 stands as a day dedicated to honouring women, it is always important to continuously recognise women's achievements. Additionally, March 21 will commemorate a significant milestone: 100 years since women gained the right to stand for election to the States. Keep an eye out on the States Assembly social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram) to see how current States Members are pledging to #InspireInclusion.

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