Vote of No Confidence - Chair of Health and Social Security Scrutiny Panel

22nd February 2023

A vote of no confidence (VONC) was lodged on Tuesday 21 February in Deputy Southern, the Chair of the Health and Social Services Scrutiny Panel (HSS Panel), by Deputy Bailhache, a member of the HSS Panel.  

The process for a VONC is that States Members normally debate and vote at the first available meeting, provided two weeks have passed (which is the standard lodging period).  Although it is possible for the Assembly to agree for this debate to take place earlier.  Deputy Bailhache will ask to have the proposition debated at the meeting on 28 February 2023. 

During the debate, the Chair will have the opportunity to speak a second time before the debate closes. If the majority of States Members vote against the VONC, Deputy Southern will remain as Chair of the HSS Panel. However, should the majority of States Members vote in favour of the VONC, Deputy Southern will cease to be Chair and the Vice Chair of the Panel will act as Chair until a new appointment is made at the following States Meeting.  

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