Carswell review

​​​​What the review covered

In 2009, an independent review panel was appointed by the States to review the roles of Jersey’s Crown Officers:

  • Bailiff
  • Deputy Bailiff
  • H.M. Attorney General
  • H.M. Solicitor General

The panel was asked to report back to the States on whether their roles should be changed and the likely cost implications.

The review considered the Bailiff’s role in the States alongside his role as Chief Justice and as the civic head of the Island. The review also examine​d the role of H.M. Attorney General as head of the prosecution service; legal advisor to the States, Council of Ministers and Scrutiny Panels; and titular head of the Honorary Police. 

Panel members

The panel was chaired by the Right Honourable Lord Carswell and the members were:

  • Mrs Marie-Louise Backhurst 
  • Mr Geoffrey Crill 
  • Dr Sandra Mountford 
  • Mr Ian Strang 


The panel submitted its report to the States on 6th December 2010. 

Its two key recommendations in respect of the role of the Bailiff were that:​​

  • the Bailiff should cease to act as president o​f the States and the States should elect their own president, either from within or from without the ranks of their members
  • the Bailiff should continue to act and be recognised as the civic head of Jersey

​The panel's recommendations were discussed by the States during an 'In Committee' debate held on 30th March 2011.

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