Electoral Commission

​​What the commission covered

The Electoral Commission was appointed by the States to consider:

  • classes of States member

  • constituencies and mandates

  • number of States members

  • terms of office

  • all other issues arising in the course of its work which were relevant to the needs stated above

The Electoral Commission published its final report on Friday 11th January 2013 and sent a leaflet summarising its core recommendations to every household in Jersey. 

Commission members

The commission was chaired by Senator Sir Philip Bailhache and the members of the commission were:

  • Mr. Colin Storm, Vice Chairman

  • Connétable Juliette Gallichan

  • Deputy James Baker​

  • Dr. Jonathan Renouf

  • Professor Edward Sallis, O.B.E.


The core recommendations of the Electoral Commission were that the:

  • number of elected members of the States Assembly should be reduced to 42

  • Island should be divided into 6 large districts, each electing either 7 representatives (Deputies) or, if the Constables remained in the States, 5 representatives (Deputies)

  • public should decide in the referendum whether the Constables should remain as members of the States Assembly​

  • decisions of the States to create a general election and to move to a four-year term of office should be affirmed

  • above recommendations should be put to the electorate in a referendum

A referendum on the commission’s recommendations was held on Wednesday 24th​ April 2013.

Referendu​m on States reform

Referendum on the States Assem​bly composition​ on gov.je website

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