Referendum on States reform

On 24th April 2013 islanders in Jersey who were over 16 years old could vote in an island-wide referendum on the future make-up of the States.

Why was the referendum held?

The referendum allowed voters to express their views on the recommendations of the Electoral Commission which spent many months listening to the views of islanders on how the composition of the States could be reformed.

The Final Report of the Electoral Commission set out 2 possible options for reform (Option A and Option B in the referendum) and voters were able to decide whether they supported either of these reform options or whether they preferred no change (Option C).

Download the Final Report of the Electoral Commission (size 2.3 mb)

What were the results of the referendum?

The referendum was held using the Alternative Vote system and voters were able to express a first and a second preference.

View the full results of the first and second count (opens in a new window)

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