Composition and Election of the States Assembly

​Composition and Election of the States Assembly

The States agreed in 2017 to move to a system of electing Deputies by large districts, but went on to reject proposed legislation to enact the change.

Composition and Election of the States Assembly

On 2nd February 2017 the States agreed that:

  • it should establish an Assembly of 48 Members comprising 12 Parish Connétables elected from within the current Parish boundaries, 8 Senators elected on an Island-wide basis and 28 Deputies elected from 6 large districts

  • the proposed 6 new large districts would replace the current Schedule 1 to the States of Jersey Law 2005, comprising St. Helier North, St. Helier South, South-East District, East Central District, North Central District and West District

  • in an Assembly of 48 members, the maximum number of Ministers and Assistant Ministers should be 19

The decision was made when the Assembly adopted Deputy Andrew Lewis' proposition P.133/2016, as amended, and agreed to ask the Privileges and Procedures Committee to being forward the legislative changes needed to create the new structure before the elections in May 2018.

On 14 March 2017 the Privileges and Procedures Committee proposed P.18/2017 which contained various changes to the States of Jersey Law to implement the proposals.

A Review of Electoral Reform was launched by Scrutiny in May 2017 and a MORI poll was commissioned to ask 1,000 Islanders about their views on electoral reform. The Panel's report S.R.6/2017 found that there was no mandate from the public for the proposed changes. 

Read the review of Electoral Reform 2017 on the Scrutiny website

The changes to the law were debated by the States on 6 and 7 June 2017 and following the rejection of the Articles 2 and 3 of the legislation, it was withdrawn by the Chairman of the Privileges and Procedures Committee. 

Read additonal information for P.18/2017

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