5 ways to have your say

​Don’t miss your chance to have your say! 

Democracy is all about your views being heard by the people you have elected as representatives. It’s about getting continually involved in your community, not just voting in elections; here are just a few of the ways you can have your say on Island issues that matter to you.  

 1. Talk to your elected representatives at their drop-in surgeries 

Attend drop-in sessions (‘surgeries’) with the Deputies and Connétable in your constituency. These are a great opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns and discuss what is going well in your constituency and in relation to Island-wide issues.   

You can find out when the States Members that represent your constituency are hosting a surgery here.  

 2. Share your views on current Scrutiny review topics 

Complete surveys, join focus groups and/or watch Scrutiny Hearings on Island issues that affect you. The research that Scrutiny Panels conduct is essential for Members to understand how the public feel about Government proposals. You can see all current and past reviews here and watch Scrutiny Hearings here. Surveys are often issued in relation to specific reviews but there’s also always the option to email scrutiny@gov.je 

3. Phone or email the elected representatives for your constituency 

Share your ideas or concerns about what’s happening in our Island. You can contact the States Members elected to represent residents in your constituency via telephone or email, whether it relates to a Parish, constituency or Island-wide issue. The contact details for all States Members can be found here. 

4. Start or sign a petition 

You can voice your opinions on current local issues via either an online or paper petition, which could lead to a debate in the States Assembly. Online petitions are easy to set up and can be easily shared with the community via email or social media. Full instructions and a list of current petitions can be found here. 

5. Vote 

Have your say in Island-wide and Parish elections. Did you know that if you are registered to vote, you can vote in more than one election every four years? Elections take place in Parish Assemblies all year-round for voluntary positions in the community. The next States Assembly will be elected in 2026. You need to be on the electoral register to vote. You can register here. 

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